6 Benefits of Upgrading your Central Heating Systems

Many older properties across the UK still have older and traditional central heating systems. You may not know this but this could be costing you a lot more than you think, especially during the winter. If you have an older style central heating system, it may be time to start considering getting it upgraded.

The benefits of a new central heating system certainly outweigh the costs. Here at Enflame Heating and Plumbing, our engineers have come together and put together a list of advantages to help you make your decision. Carry on reading to find out more...

advantages of central heating systems

Benefits of a new central heating system

Increased energy efficiency

The upfront cost of installing a new heating system often puts people off from upgrading their existing one, but the long-term savings significantly outweigh the initial costs. The savings comes from the increased efficiency of the new heating system, wasting less energy and therefore lowering your monthly heating expenses.

Gain more control

New technology for central heating systems can help adjust temperature levels in various rooms throughout the house, as well as combine controls via smart thermostats and smartphone technology. Individual controls, such as outside sensors and thermostatic radiator valves, can help to increase the boiler's efficiency. These can be included when getting a new central heating system installed, speak to a member of our team to discuss your options.

Takes up less space

If your home has a traditional central heating system, you'll most likely have an old boiler that takes up a lot of room. Boilers nowadays are not only more energy-efficient, saving you money, but they are also smaller and quieter than older ones. Not only do they save space they also give you peace of mind knowing it is running quietly in the background.

Lowers carbon footprint

A new central heating system can help you reduce your carbon footprint because of its increase in efficiency. It is also based on the fact that newer central heating systems are carefully designed and built so they have fewer impacts on the environment.

Custom systems made for you

Our engineers carefully calculate how much demand for hot water and heating there is in your home. On top of this, they also look into the insulation, chances of hot air escaping and various other factors to help decide on the best type of central heating system you should choose, helping you meet your needs and requirements.

Better for your health

The steady temperature of a home with central heating is beneficial for you. This is because the warm air does not circulate dust or allergies, keeping your home clean.

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