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Warmth You Can Count On: Expert Central Heating Installation

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Enflame Heating and Plumbing offer full central heating installation throughout Telford, Newport, Atterley, Shifnal and Shrewsbury.

As opposed to a simple boiler installation, a central heating installation covers all aspects of your heating system. Whether you are looking to upgrade your heating or make the switch to a combi. We are on hand to help with the transition from a conventional boiler to a more efficient combi boiler and make the process as smooth as possible.

If you do not need a system overhaul and only require parts of your system to be replaced, we also offer targeted repair or replacement of any element that is connected to your central heating system. Call today to enquire about central heating installations on 01952300008.

Types of central heating systems

There are 3 main types of central heating systems available in the UK. These include...

Wet systems

Wet systems are the most popular in the UK and run on a gas boiler. If you have underfloor heating pipes to heat your home, means that you have a wet central heating system.

Electric systems

Electric heating systems are great for those who do not have access to the gas grid. The heaters use radiators filled with bricks, realising heating throughout the day. They require very little servicing and are cheaper to install.

Warm air systems

This type of system uses a vent to take in heat from the outside air and gets heated through the boiler. The warm air is circulated through the vents throughout the home. Warm air systems are highly efficient and can heat up a room very quickly.

Benefits of a new central heating installation

Technological advancements are increasing the efficiency of boilers every year. In fact, the cost of a boiler replacement can often be covered by the money you’ll save on energy costs. It’s recommended that you start considering a replacement after 10 years. If your boiler is getting on for 10 years a replacement is highly recommended.

Heat your home faster

Modern boilers respond faster to your thermostat and are more efficient at heating rooms. You’ll no longer have as long for your room to heat up.

Take advantage of modern technologies

With some modern boilers allowing more control through the use of apps, upgrading will allow you to take advantage of it.

Make the switch to a combi boiler

Combination boilers heat water on the go and are more energy-efficient and convenient than conventional tank-fed systems. Our central heating installation will replace all aspects of your heating system and modernise your home.

Contribute to lowering your carbon footprint

The increased energy efficiency and control that a new central heating system brings can help lower your carbon footprint. Newer models are designed to have a lower impact on the climate and the earth.

Modernise the look and feel of your home

Get a modern look in your home with the modern and discrete boiler in your kitchen and modern and sleek radiators throughout your home.

Why choose Enflame for your Central heating installation?

We have a proven track record of safe, satisfied and happy customers.  Enflame Plumbing and Heating aim to meet and exceed our customers' expectations and carry out safe work. We are Gas Safe Registered and ready to take care of all of your central heating needs!

Our gas engineers ensure all central heating installations are completed to the highest standards and meet your requirements. We take great pride in offering professional services from start to finish. Our heating engineers are on hadn't to guide you through choosing the right central heating system for your home right down to installation.

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For more information about our central heating installation services across Telford, Newport, Atterley, Shrewsbury and Shifnal, call us on 01952300008 or get in touch via our contact form and we will be happy to help.

We hope you choose Enflame Heating and Plumbing for any central heating installation services that you may require.