Boiler Installations FAQs

Questions come up frequently when it comes to installing a new boiler in your home. Before making such a significant investment, it is crucial to be clear about everything from selecting the best kind of boiler to comprehending the installation procedure.

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Boiler Installations: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Boiler Type Should I Select?

There are several kinds of boilers that are available, such as system, combi, and traditional boilers. Your property's size, the amount of hot water you need, and the state of your current heating systems will all influence which option is ideal. Finding the best choice for your house might be aided by speaking with a licenced heating engineer.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Boiler?

Numerous factors, such as the type of boiler, installation complexity, and additional labour needed, can affect the cost of boiler installation. Boiler installation costs in the UK can range from £1,500 to £3,500 on average. To make sure you're getting the greatest deal possible, it's a good idea to seek quotations from a few different reliable heating engineers.

3. Does Installing a Boiler Require Planning Permission?

Planning authorisation is typically not required for boiler installation. However, you might have to ask your local planning authority for permission if you reside in a conservation area, a listed building, or if you intend to make major changes to your house. It's a good idea to find out from your local council whether you need planning permission.

4. What's the Duration of Boiler Installation?

The complexity of the installation, the type of boiler, and any additional work needed can all affect how long a boiler installation takes. A simple boiler installation can be finished in one to two days on average. But more intricate setups or more plumbing work could make it take longer.

5. When installing a new boiler, do I need to upgrade my heating controls?

When installing a new boiler, it's common advice to improve your heating controls to optimise comfort and energy efficiency. You might perhaps lower your energy costs and better control your heating system by switching to programmable controls and smart thermostats.

6. Are Government Grants Available for Installing Boilers?

The UK government replaces boilers as part of several programs and grants designed to assist houses become more energy-efficient. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which offers qualifying homes money for boiler upgrades, is the most well-known programme. Furthermore, a few local governments provide funding through their grant programmes to encourage energy-efficient home upgrades.

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