Boiler Maintenance for Spring: What You Need To Do

Spring is an excellent time to thoroughly check your boilers. You clean your house in the spring, so why not your heating system? This helps maintain your boiler and ensures it is in excellent operating order. Carry on reading our top tips, which range from basic checkups to a power flush or speak to a boiler expert by calling us on 01952300008.

boiler maintenance in Spring

How do I maintain my boiler this Spring?

Begin by lowering the thermostat.

When the weather warms up, your home warms up too. This means that your boiler will not have to carry on working as hard as it does and all you need to do is lower the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. This will still keep your home warm as well as help you save money on your energy bills.

Get your boiler serviced

During Spring, we rely less on our boilers and as strange as it may seem, now is the best time to get your boiler serviced. This time of year is considerably calmer, and you'll be able to go a day or two without turning on the heat. This will ensure that your boiler is ready when it becomes chilly again, avoiding any unexpected issues or breakdowns. Now is the time to plan ahead and schedule a boiler service with Enflame Heating and Plumbing.

When you book a boiler service with our Gas Safe registered engineers,  they will thoroughly inspect your boiler to verify it is operating properly and look for any potential problems. If any issues arise, we will try to fix the problem so you are not left without any heating or hot water, especially when you need it the most.  

We highly recommend that the heating engineer you select is Gas Safe registered, the reason for this is because they have undergone all of the necessary training to guarantee that they provide safe gas work.

Radiators need to be maintained too!  

Not only does your boiler need care and maintenance during spring, but so do your radiators. To make them look clean, start by wiping them to eliminate any dust. After that, bleed all of your radiators to assist remove any trapped air that is preventing them from operating correctly. Also, over time dirt may accumulate inside as well, requiring a power flush.

tips on maintaining your boiler

Book a power flush

If you have noticed that your boiler is making noises or your radiators have cold spots on them, a power flush is a quick and easy way to fix this. Not only will you get your heating back up and running it will also remove sludge from the system and allow your radiators to heat up correctly once again.

Keep an eye out for any leaks or noises

Boiler leaks may occur at any time, although they are more common during the winter months. As the temperature warms, pipes may freeze, expand, and then burst, resulting in leaks. You can simply see whether everything is still firmly linked by checking the seals surrounding the boiler. Boilers also create weird sounds, so keep an ear out for them and call a heating specialist if you hear any banging or whistling noises.

Consider getting a new boiler

If your boiler doesn't appear to be functioning well and you are spending a lot of money on getting it repaired, now is the time to start thinking of getting a new boiler. With many options to choose from, a new boiler isn't as expensive as you think it may be.  

To begin, consult with an expert who will be able to offer expert advice on choosing the right boiler. Spring will be better for any work as you may keep your windows open to aid with ventilation when your boiler is getting installed.

Speak to a heating engineer

Our boiler specialists are available throughout Telford, Newport, Atterley, Shrewsbury and Shifnal. Simply call us on 01952300008 and we will be happy to help.

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