How to maintain your central heating system

Maintaining a household central heating system is a continuous process, not only a chore for a boiler engineer during your yearly boiler service. This does not have to take a long time; with a few simple measures, you can maintain your central heating system running all year and avoid boiler malfunctions.

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Central Heating Maintenance Tips

Check that the radiators are heating up properly and that there are no chilly spots.

Turn on your central heating and check the temperature of your radiators. Are they fully warm, or do they have cold spots? A small chilly spell may not seem like a huge deal, but it indicates that your central heating system isn't operating as well as it might and that you're squandering money.

Make good use of your central heating timers.

Consider when you will be in the house and when you will require your central heating and hot water to be turned on, and set your timers so that your boiler operates when you require it and is shut off when you do not. Boilers can withstand being turned off and on several times per day without experiencing any damage. A constantly running boiler, on the other hand, is more prone to break down or overheat.

Lag hot water cylinders and pipes

Pipe insulation is a simple and inexpensive energy-saving option since it keeps hot water in your plumbing system hot even when your house is cold. However, lagging is not just a good method to save money on your energy costs; it also prevents frozen pipes, which can put undue strain on your central heating system.

Check that the water pressure is around one bar.

Water pressure in domestic water systems should be one bar or between one and two bars. This is usually plainly shown on the pressure gauge - a green triangle may be present to show safe pressure levels. Read our page on repressurising boilers if your pressure is below or above the specified safe ranges.

Make sure the pilot light is blue.

A blue pilot light is the cleanest and most efficient way to burn gas. Orange or yellow pilot lights are significantly cooler than blue pilot lights, but they are also significantly more dangerous - yellow and orange flames signal incomplete combustion, which can result in sootiness, smoke damage, and even the release of lethal carbon monoxide.

Purchase CO and smoke detectors.

CO detectors should be installed in any room with gas appliances, regardless of how well-maintained the boiler and appliances are or how frequently they are serviced. Carbon monoxide has no odour or colour, so the only way to detect it before it causes illness is to get a CO alarm.

You should also install and test smoke detectors on a regular basis. Install them on each floor of your home and in any outbuilding that houses electrical appliances.

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