Gas vs Electric Boilers

Without adequate knowledge, it is impossible to determine whose services you will require, whether boiler installers or gas engineers.

To begin, you must understand what is best for your home, and then you must decide whether you require the services of a heating engineer to install an electric boiler for you.

This blog post will compare the benefits and drawbacks of gas and electric boilers so you can decide which is best for you.

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Which is best for you: gas or electric boilers?

What exactly is a gas boiler?

A gas boiler uses natural gas to create heat for central heating and hot water. Natural gas is delivered to your home as needed by an energy provider. Gas boilers can be installed in homes that are not connected to the gas network. It will, however, have to run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas rather than natural gas. LPG is an excellent alternative to natural gas because it is stored onsite in a tank rather than being supplied by the grid.

Benefits of Gas Boilers

Because gas boilers continue to be the most popular type of home heating in the UK, many Gas Safe Registered engineers are competent to install them. Gas boilers may provide more alternatives as there are many types and manufacturers to pick from.

They meet the increased demand for hot water and heating while being a more cost-effective solution than electric boilers.

Gas Boiler Disadvantages

Annual maintenance is essential, and it is also a legal requirement if you rent out a property with a gas boiler. There is also the possibility of gas leaks if not installed or maintained appropriately, putting you and your family at risk, which is why it is critical to engage Gas Safe licenced engineers.

What exactly is an electric boiler?

Many new boilers require an electricity supply to operate. Electric boilers, on the other hand, transform power into heat without using any fossil fuels in the process. Electric boilers are perfect for buildings that are not connected to the main gas supply, as well as for smaller properties that require relatively little heating and hot water.

Benefits of Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are often less expensive to install than gas boilers since they require less labour and do not require a connection to a gas supply.

They are also constructed with fewer moving parts, which reduces the likelihood of problems developing.

Electric Boilers' Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage of an electric boiler is that it cannot handle the heating and hot water demands of a larger property. Furthermore, if your power goes out, it is possible that your boiler will cease working as well.

Still unsure?

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