How much gas does a boiler use?

With the energy prices increasing and you are investigating alternatives to a gas boiler, one of the most important things you need to look into before doing this is how much gas your gas boiler generally uses. There are many elements that influence how gas your boiler uses, and we go through these in this blog!

gas boiler usage

Factors that affect gas usage

Boiler Size

The amount of gas used by your boiler is determined by its size, efficiency, and the number of hours it is in use every day. The sizes of boilers are measured in kilowatts (kW), and they vary from 24-27 kW to 28-34 kW and 35-42 kW. It is estimated that a 24-27 kW boiler is required for a home with one bathroom and ten radiators, but a 35-42 kW boiler is required for a big house with more than 20 radiators and three bathrooms or more. Therefore the bigger the size of your boiler, the more gas it will use.

Look at the kWh to work out your gas usage

The best approach to calculate gas usage is to utilise kWh, this is a standard unit of measurement. A normal low-usage family uses around 8000kWh per year, a moderate-usage household uses 12,000kWh, and a heavy-usage household uses 17,000kWh. Based on this, the monthly gas usage is roughly around 1000 kWh.

A kWh is the amount of energy needed to power a 1000-watt device for one hour, hence 1 KW = 1000 watts. For homeowners gas is often used to run boilers and cookers, as well as other things. As a result, when attempting to assess the actual gas use of your boiler, it is difficult to know exactly which appliance or device it was used by.

How much gas should my boiler use?

It's difficult to give or predict an exact number for how much gas your boiler should require, but you may make a guess based on the size of your boiler. A 24 kW boiler will use 24 kW per hour. If your heater runs for five hours daily, your daily consumption should be approximately 120 kWh.

However, if you've lately seen a spike in your gas bill, your boiler could be consuming more gas than it should. First, confirm with your energy provider that their prices have not been raised. If the prices have not been raised, it is worth speaking to a heating engineer to identify if there are any issues with your boiler.  

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