How powerflushing can help reduce your gas bills

It's no secret that UK energy bills have soared this year. But there's a factor that could be making your bill that much worse, and most people don't know about it. In this post, we're going to reveal an overlooked way to lower your gas bill and, in turn, increase the effectiveness of your boiler.

powerflushing helps reduce gas bills

How does powerflushing reduce energy bills?

At Enflame Heating and Plumbing, our heating engineers offer the most effective service for deep cleaning your central heating system. If you live in Shrewsbury, Telford, Shifnal, or Newport, contact us today at 01952300008 to learn more about professional powerflushing services.

Sludge in your central heating system

Over time, you may notice that your central heating system is having to work harder to heat your home. Or you may find that your radiators aren't getting as hot as they used to. These issues are usually due to a build-up of something called sludge.

Sludge is a mix of rust and dirt that gradually breaks off from radiators, pipework, and soldered joints. It causes blockages that slow down the rate at which radiators fill with hot water, and may even prevent radiators from reaching their maximum temperature.

When sludge goes unnoticed and accumulates, your radiators may only produce patches of heat or stop working altogether. In the worst-case scenario, sludge can cause serious damage to the boiler's heat exchanger, potentially leading to an irreparable breakdown.

In the end, sludge build-up always causes an unnecessary increase in your heating bill, so it’s best to get it removed.

How can you find out if there's sludge in your central heating system?

If you notice any of the following problems, there is a good chance there's sludge in your central heating system.

- Your radiators have heat patches, or the bottom is hot while the top is cold

- Pipes get hot but the radiators don't

- There are leaks coming from radiators or your boiler

- Your radiators have required frequent bleeding and/or release dirty water during bleeding

- Your boiler is noisy

If you notice any of these signs or see any others you find concerning, contact us to speak with a licensed gas engineer.

How can you get rid of sludge and decrease your heating bill?

The best way to remove sludge is to get a professional powerflush. This will descale your central heating system of 99% of the sludge and immediately improve boiler heating efficiency, thus decreasing your gas bill.

A powerflush involves connecting a powerful pump unit to your central heating system and flushing pipework with deep cleaning chemicals. This process completely removes rust and sludge as well as limescale in a short amount of time.

Powerflushing also has many long-term benefits. A professional powerflush by a gas engineer will increase the lifespan of your boiler, reduce future sludge build-up and lower the chances of breakdowns.

At Enflame Heating and Plumbing, our qualified heating engineers have extensive powerflushing experience in Shrewsbury, Shifnal, Newport, and Telford. We'd be delighted to offer you the fantastic benefits of a powerflush if you'd like to boost your heating and lower your gas bill.

However, not all systems are compatible with this service. To find out if your central heating system can be powerflushed, please can get in contact with us. If your system is compatible, we can give you a free quote and arrange a visit that's convenient for you. Powerflushes don't take long, so you'll have more powerful and cheaper heating in no time!

Call us on 01952300008 or leave us a message on the contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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