How to cope with a broken boiler

If your boiler breaks down, staying warm while you wait for it to be fixed might be difficult. Here are some helpful hints for dealing with a broken boiler that has been put together by our heating engineers throughout Telford and the surrounding areas, including Newport, Atterley, Shifnal and Shrewsbury.

how to cope with a broken boiler

Tips for coping with a broken boiler

Wear Extra Layers

First and foremost, be sure to dress in many layers. This is so you can maximise your chances of staying warm, and adding a few more layers may help.  Each additional layer you put on will assist to keep you warm by insulating you from the cold. You'll need all the layers you can get to make the most of whatever heat you do have since you don't have a working central heating system.  

For the greatest results, layer up with jackets, hats, and gloves. You can even pull out that old blanket from the back of the closet as every layer helps!

Eliminate Draughts

Draught-proof your property because cold outside air loves to seep in via little cracks and holes. Simple things like closing your curtains or doors might assist keep heat from exiting your house. Closing your curtains, particularly at night, may assist keep heat in a room by preventing heat from escaping through the windows.

You may also use draft-stoppers or drape towels at the bottoms of your doors to help keep the heat in and prevent it from escaping through the gaps. Small details like these can massively help your room remain a little warmer for longer.

Use Electric Heaters

Once you've taken all the necessary steps needed to keep your house warm, it's time to look for an alternate heating source to keep you warm while you wait for your boiler to be repaired. Using an electric heater, for example, maybe costly yet useful.

Before turning on the heater, make sure your doors are shut, and windows are covered. This will help your room heat up faster and we recommend only heating the rooms you need while you're in them, and don't keep heaters on all night.

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Speak to our qualified heating engineers in Telford, Newport, Atterley, Shifnal and Shrewsbury by calling us on 01952300008 and we will be happy to help! Head over to our boiler repair services page to find out more.

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