How to fix boiler leaking brown water

Leaks in boilers are a frequent problem that many people deal with in Telford, Newport, Atterley, Shrewsbury, Shifnal and the surrounding areas. Unusual noises or the presence of water near your boiler may be a sign of a leak. Ignoring a leaking boiler can result in costly problems, such as water damage and other health risks. We'll walk you through the causes and the process of fixing a leaky boiler in this guide.

why is my boiler leaking brown water?

Why is my boiler leaking brown water?

Identifying the Leak's Source

You must locate the leak's source before you can begin working on fixing a leaky boiler. The steps required to remedy the leak will depend on where it is located. The boiler pressure relief valve may need to be changed if the leak is coming from it. Our heating engineers also recommend tightening the connections may fix the issue if the leak originates from a pipe or a valve.

Turning of the power and water supply

Turning off the water and electric supplies: Once you have located the leak's origin, you must turn off the boiler's power and water supply. This can be easily done by simply closing the valves that supply the boiler with water and shutting off the circuit breaker that powers the boiler. This step is essential to protect yourself and stop more damage from occurring.

Replacing faulty components

It could be necessary to repair the faulty component if the leak is being caused by it. Pumps, pipes, and pressure relief valves are a few typical components that can leak. It is advised that you seek professional assistance if you are not accustomed to performing boiler repairs. You can get assistance from experienced heating engineers to find the issue and swap out the broken components.

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Fixing a leaking boiler can be a daunting task, but it is essential to prevent further damage and ensure your safety. Get in touch with our highly experienced boiler engineers by calling us on 01952300008 and we'll be happy to help repair your boiler.

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