Is your boiler ready for the winter? [2021]

With winter around the corner and the temperature beginning to drop, we will be heavily relying on our boilers to keep us warm. It is very important to make sure that your boiler is ready, so it does not let you down when you need it the most.

So what are some of the things that you can do to keep your boiler running through this winter? Our heating engineers have put everything they know into this blog, to help prepare your heating system for the colder months.


Tips to make sure your boiler is winter-ready!

Get your boiler serviced

Servicing your boiler will ensure all components of your boiler are thoroughly tested and inspected. If you have not serviced your boiler, our Gas Safe registered engineers are on hand to help you! Call our team on 01952300008 and book your boiler service with us!

Get your pipes insulated

Did you know that during the winter, the condensate pipe can freeze? When this happens, it could lead your boiler to stop working. You can prevent this by insulating the pipes and keeping the heating to a low temperature.

Bleed the radiators

Bleeding your radiators will help release any trapped air, however only do this if you have found signs of cold spots across your radiators. This will help your radiators heat up evenly and efficiently.

Carry out final tests before the winter

Testing your boiler to check if it is running properly before winter sets in is a great idea. Not only will this help you check your heating system is running safely and effectively, but it will also help save money. This is because regularly maintaining your boiler during the summer will help ensure your boiler is ready for the winter, giving you peace of mind.

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