Plumbing Maintenance Tips [2021]

The plumbing system is usually one of the common systems in the house that often gets overlooked. There are a few things that you can start doing before your plumbing starts to fail on you. In this blog, we cover a few things you can do to help maintain your plumbing system.

plumbing maintenance tips

Our Plumbing Maintenance Tips:

Prevent drains from getting clogged

Showers and bath drain often get clogged with hair. Cleaning around your plug hole and removing any debris from the drain can help prevent it from getting clogged. If you notice the water draining away slowly, it means your drain is clogged, you can tackle this by using a drainage blocking solution to help clear this.

Are there any leaks?

If you notice a leak sooner rather than later, the less damage it will cause. It is a good habit to have to regularly clean around your sinks, washing machine and showers to make sure there is no water escaping. If you notice any water leaking, get in touch with an engineer as soon as possible.

Water Pressure

You can test the water pressure on your plumbing system by using a pressure gauge to make sure it is at a safe level. If you are unsure of how to do this, we will be happy to help, get in touch by viewing our contact details down below.

If you have noticed any of these or other signs we have not mentioned, get in touch with our team today.

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