Things to consider when heating your home

If your home is colder than normal,  there could be several reasons why your home isn't keeping as much heat as it should. We have compiled a list of our best recommendations for you when it comes to heating your home.

heating your home

So, what do you need to consider?

1. Style of radiator

Many people believe that the sort of radiator you have has no impact on how well it heats your home. With so many possibilities, from wall-hanging to traditional design radiators, you'll want to think about how much space you'll need and where you'll put your radiator. A column radiator, for example, is better suited for large areas with a high ceiling and a great need for heat. The type of radiator you choose for your home will have a significant impact on how efficiently you can heat it.

2. Prevent Draught

Checking your property for draughts might have an impact on your heating system. Any openings in the windows or even the flooring can allow cold air to enter and heat to escape, resulting in higher heating bills. This can be avoided by simply utilising draught excluders or appropriate sealants to keep your home draught-free.

3. Service Your Boiler

Having your boiler serviced is an excellent way to guarantee that it is operating at peak performance. The reason for this is that when you schedule a boiler service, heating specialists extensively test and inspect your boiler, and if any problems are discovered, they will get them addressed. It not only ensures that it operates securely and efficiently, but it also ensures that it does so in a cost-effective manner.

4. Adding Insulation

The amount of heat leaking through the ceiling and flooring can be reduced by adding or upgrading insulation. You should consider either enhancing your existing insulation or installing insulation if you haven't previously done so to keep your home warm and save money.

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