Things to consider when relocating your boiler

Every boiler installation is different and there are various factors that play a huge role when it comes down to where you should place your new boiler.  Over the years, it has become very easy to place your boiler anywhere in your home and in this blog, we help you choose the ideal location!

boiler relocation ideas

When it comes to moving my boiler, what should I keep in mind?

Think about your budget

It is not uncommon for boiler replacements to be part of larger house renovation. The reason for this is because it makes it very easy and quick to change the location of your new boiler. We highly recommend speaking with your heating engineer and discussing if doing so will result in any additional costs.  

Where would you like to place your new boiler?  

The kitchen is the preferred location For many homeowners, the ideal location for their new boiler is inside a kitchen cupboard. This is because not only are they compact in size, but they also do not need additional storage tanks and cylinders.

Utility Room

Utility rooms are also the perfect place to place your boiler but we highly recommend making sure the area around your boiler is kept cleared. This protects the wires and certain boiler components from getting damaged. It also must be accessible for heating engineers incase it ever breaks downs and it needs to get fixed or for when a boiler service is carried out. If you are using the utility room to store certain items, then we highly recommend looking for a new place for your boiler.  


Placing your boiler in your loft is a great location so that your boiler does not obstruct other rooms in your home. However, to do so there are A number of considerations must be made. The first step is to make sure the environment is safe and well-lit. Make sure you have a ladder put in place so the boiler could be accessed.

Insulation and frost protection for your boiler is also an important step to take as the temperature in lofts are often colder. There must be enough room around a boiler for an engineer to operate on it during future service or repair appointments, as well as the wall it is mounted on must be capable of supporting the system's weight.


Installing the boiler in the garage might free up a large amount of room on the inside and similar to lofts, you must make sure you protect your boiler from frost. Garages are generally significantly colder therefore it is important to lag your pipes to avoid a frozen condensate pipe, even though most modern boilers come with built-in frost protection.

If your garage is separate from your house, you'll have to think about how your pipes will get from there to your house, this is something your heating engineer can help you with.

where to place a new boiler

Airing Cupboard

This is a typical spot in houses that have switched from a heat-only to a combi boiler. The bulk of the necessities, such as hot and cold water, are found in this area. However, if there are adjoining bedrooms, you need to consider the amount of noise the boiler makes.

Get professional advice

At Enflame Heating and Plumbing, we are on hand to help with any new boiler installation services that you may require. Our expert heating engineers will be happy to guide you through choosing the best boiler for your home and the ideal location to place it in.

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