Tips for turning your boiler back on

We usually switch our boiler off in summertime as we do not feel the heating on and are looking to save a bit of money. But we should take some precautions before switching it back on in winter. Below is a list of some tips you should take before turning your boiler on after the summer.

turning boiler back on after the summer

Our tips to follow before you turn the heating back on

Do your radiators need bleeding?

When you have not turned your radiators for a while, it can cause any trapped air to go unnoticed. That is why it is necessary to bleed your radiators before summer to free them of trapped air, preventing any cold spots to appear on your radiators.

Do not set the temperature too high straight away

Cold days will tempt you to increase the thermostat to the maximum so that you can have a warm, comfortable house. But we recommend not doing this but increasing the heating thermostat gradually to prevent any issues from occuring.

Remove any clutter from around your boiler

Many boilers are often placed in cupboards or other places where clutter has accumulated. Our engineers here at Enflame Heating and Plumbing highly recommend to make sure to keep the boiler clear of any clutter to allow for proper ventilation.

Does it need servicing?

Getting your boiler serviced before the winter is a great way to ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently. It also prevents any chances of your boiler breaking down because any issues with it are detected during the service.

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