Top 4 Gas Safety Tips [2022]

Gas leaks, fires and explosions, and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning may all result from hazardous gas appliances, but these are all problems that can be prevented by following some easy gas safety recommendations.

Because most households in the UK contain a gas appliance, such as a gas boiler, our heating engineers have put up a quick guide to help you remain safe in your home.

gas safety tips

Our Top Gas Safety Tips

Invest in a CO alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that is created when carbon-based fuels, such as gas, oil, wood, and coal, are burned incompletely. These fuels are safe to use and only pose a threat when excess CO is created when the fuel does not burn correctly.

CO stops the blood from carrying oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs when it enters the body. It is important to recognise the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and, in the worst-case scenario, collapse, and loss of concision are some of the signs you can look out for.

Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in your house, and make sure it's set up according to the manufacturer's recommendations. They're inexpensive, but they will save your life.

Use a qualified installer

When you hire a heating engineer to carry out a gas service on your property, always make sure you request to see their Gas Safe ID. Gas Safe registered engineers are highly trained to ensure all work is completed safely, giving you peace of mind. When viewing the Gas Safe ID, make sure to look at the back of the card because it lists the appliances they are certified to work on.  

Unregistered gas engineers should not be hired to work in your home since they are not qualified to provide gas services. You will be glad to know that our engineers throughout Telford, Atterley, Shifnal and Shrewsbury are Gas Safe registered, so make sure to get in touch with us for any boiler installations, boiler repairs and boiler service checks that you may require.


Ensuring that your gas appliances have enough ventilation to function properly is very important. Make sure the air vents or chimneys within your home are not blocked which can prevent a fresh supply of air from circulating throughout your home. Not only this but it also creates a healthier living environment by reducing the amount of dust collected.

Get your boiler serviced

We cannot recommend this enough! Getting your gas appliances serviced annually is a great way to ensure all your appliances are running safely and effectively. It also helps fix any issues detected to prevent chances of it breaking down on you.  If you would like to know more, get in touch with our team by calling us on 01952300008.

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