Types of Central Heating Systems: Explained!

Our plumbers across Telford, Newport, Atterley and Shifnal are here to help you understand the different types of central heating systems. Whether you're simply curious about the basics, need to know what system is in your home, or are looking to upgrade your existing system, our blog is written for you!

types of heating systems

Conventional Heating Systems

These are very common types of central heating systems used in many traditional homes across the UK. Although they have declined in usage, they are still found in older homes and buildings. The conventional heating system is controlled by the mains pressure and disconnected from the central heating system.

It also uses a hot water storage tank, often located in the loft. This uses gravity and allows hot water to flow down the pipes through the radiators and out of the taps to provide heating and hot water.

This type of heating system has declined over the years, mainly because there is no space to install the storage tank and have a limited amount of pressure you can use.

Combi Boiler Systems

Combi boilers have become increasingly popular due its effectiveness and compactness. They work by heating the water at the source, so as soon as you turn your heating on or turn your hot water tap on, heat is generated immediately. The greatest advantage of this is that you do not need to worry about storing hot water as you will always have access to it and you do not need to make space for additional hot water storage tanks, helping you save space.

Pressurised Central Heating Systems

This works very similarly to a combi boiler system and the only difference between the two is that water is heated via a water cylinder rather than the boiler. It is great for larger homes because it allows hot water to run at mains pressure from multiple taps and bathrooms.

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