When Should I Replace My Boiler?

Boilers are known to last for years, even decades, but when should you start considering getting them replaced? A boiler is the foundation of your home's central heating system, but you'll probably have to repair it once or twice during your lifetime. However, how can you know when it's time to replace it? Are there any indicators that you should be aware of? Is there a manual for the boiler that you should be looking at?

Our engineers, here at Enflame Heating and Plumbing are here to explain everything. From signs that you can look out for to why you need to get it replaced, we cover it all.

boiler replacements

So, when do I replace my boiler?

If you are experiencing the following issues, then you need to start thinking of getting your boiler replaced...

Regular Breakdowns

If you have to call a Gas Safe engineer more than once a year, you should think about if the cost of repairs and call-outs is more than the cost of a new boiler. Regular servicing of your existing boiler should keep it running smoothly throughout the year, so a replacement is only necessary if your boiler continues to experience issues.


Did you know that it will cost you more money to run a less efficient boiler?  The majority of modern boilers are A-rated, which means they have an efficiency of more than 90%, whereas G-rated boilers have an efficiency of 70% or less. If your boiler's efficiency declines as it gets older, you may notice an increase in your heating bills.

To find out what the efficiency of your boiler is, try looking for a label on your boiler or have a look through the handbook that came with it.

There is a smell

There's possibly a gas leak if you smell a sulphurous, eggy smell when you use your boiler. Make sure to turn off the boiler immediately and call a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately!

Speak to a professional

If you still are not sure whether your boiler needs replacing, speak to our team by calling us on 01952300008 and we will be happy to help!

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