Why is my boiler losing pressure?

Low boiler pressure is recognised to be the main reason for boiler issues. A boiler may lose pressure over time due to leaks and boiler breakdowns.  When this happens, it is good to understand what is causing your boiler to lose pressure and what you can do to fix it.

How to check your boiler's pressure

To find what pressure level your boiler is on, you can look check the pressure gauge. You can also check the panel that shows an error number to pinpoint the cause of the issue. To find out whether the failure code for your model corresponds to the low boiler pressure, see the boiler's handbook.

To work effectively and safely, boilers must run within a certain temperature range; this typically falls between 0.7 bar and 2.5 bar. In most cases, a system valve may be used to refill the pressure if it sometimes falls below the specified range.

low boiler pressure

3 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Losing Pressure


Radiator valves or other parts often cause most leaks in boiler systems. Water may leak from pipes and radiators due to rust and loosening, which lowers the pressure in your boiler. Simply look for any signs of wetness in the area around the radiators. We recommend carefully wiping it clean and placing a plate below it to collect any drips as the leak could be due to condensation, causing the pipes to get wet and drip.  

One of the signs that leaks bring on water damage is discolouration. Our expert heating engineers recommend checking for peeling or discoloured paint on pipes, skirting boards, flooring, or ceilings. We strongly advise against attempting to patch or repair loose piping, and you should hire a qualified and experienced heating professional to fix it.

Faulty Components

Over time, certain boiler parts may develop defects that affect the boiler's ability to heat up correctly. A broken pump, for instance, is less efficient and may have trouble sustaining pressure. As indicated earlier, avoid attempting to find the broken boiler part on your own. Instead, have this investigated by a Gas Safe registered engineer, who will be able to give you the best advice on whether the boiler component needs to the repaired or replaced.

Pump Speed

Any pressurised central heating system needs a pump to transfer the water around it. But if the pump runs too quickly, air bubbles could get into the water stream and lower the pressure in your boiler system.

If you want our help to fix the pressure on your boiler, contact us by calling us on 01952300008. Our boiler repair services are available throughout Telford, Newport, Atterley, Shrewsbury and Shifnal.

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