Why is my boiler making noises?

Boilers can start making noises even if they are working properly. When this happens you need to make sure it does not get ignored because unfamiliar noises are usually the first signs that indicate there is an issue with your boiler. Here at Enflame Plumbing and Heating, we have listed a few reasons why your boiler could be making noises.

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Why are there noises coming from my boiler?

Usually, boilers are known to make noises on a daily basis, however, you need to be able to understand that some sounds indicate there is an issue that needs looking into.

Types of boiler noises

Clunking and Banging

This kind of noise usually means there is a build-up of limescale in your heating system, which could lead to blockages. If this is not looked into, it could lead to increasing the pressure in your boiler, making it unsafe for you and your family.

Whistling Noises

Whistling noises are usually triggered by trapped air in your heating system. You can simply fix this by bleeding your radiators if they have cold spots. If this still does not fix the issue, get in touch with a qualified heating engineer to carry out further inspections.

Gurgling Noises

Similar to whistling noises, gurgling noises are also caused by trapped air. It could also be caused by a blockage in the heating system or a frozen condensate pipe. If your boiler is showing these signs, then you need to make sure to get an engineer to carry out a powerflushing service.  

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boiler noises

Addressing Noises from Your Boiler: What Steps to Take

Unusual noises coming from your boiler are a clue that something may be wrong. The following actions to taken to resolve the issue:

Determine the Noise

Pay attention to the noise level produced by your boiler. Is it vibrating, humming, whistling, or banging? Various noises can point to different systemic issues.

Verify the Water Pressure

Gurgling or whistling sounds could be the result of low water pressure. Make sure the pressure on your boiler is within the recommended range by checking the gauge.

Bleed Radiators

Gurgling sounds could be the result of trapped air in your radiators. This problem can be fixed by bleeding the radiators to release the trapped air.

Professional Inspection

It is best to call a professional if the noises continue or become more severe, like banging or humming sounds. To precisely diagnose the issue, a comprehensive inspection can be carried out by qualified engineers.

Regular Servicing

Plan routine maintenance to guarantee the efficiency of your boiler and stop annoying noises from happening again. Expert maintenance can identify problems before they become more serious.

Prioritising safety

Prioritise your safety and give a professional call if you're unsure or uncomfortable handling the problem yourself. Repairs without experience can be dangerous.

There are a few easy steps you can take to address boiler noises, like bleeding radiators and checking pressure. To guarantee a secure and effective heating system in your house, it is best to seek professional assistance if the problem continues or appears to be complicated. Please get in touch with us for professional assistance if you have any questions or if the noises persist.

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Regular Boiler Servicing: The Key to a Quiet Boiler

Regular boiler servicing is essential to ensuring smooth operation and the avoidance of unexpected noises. Not only does scheduled maintenance keep your boiler operating at peak efficiency, but it also increases its lifespan. Experts advise yearly maintenance to identify possible problems before they become more serious and guarantee your house remains secure and warm.

Why Choose Professional Boiler Servicing?

  • Expertise: Skilled engineers possess the expertise and understanding necessary to accurately identify and address boiler problems.
  • Safety: Routine maintenance lowers the possibility of possible risks by ensuring the safe operation of your boiler.
  • Efficiency: Your energy bills may go down if your boiler is properly maintained.

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