Why your boiler is still on even though the timer is off

If the boiler continues to run after the timer has been turned off, it means your boiler system needs to be examined further. A thermostat, programmer, timer, motorised valve, pump, and heating element are all common parts of the heating system and one of these components could be the cause of the issue.

In this blog, our heating engineers go through a few things you can look out for which can help fix the issue but if you prefer speaking with a qualified heating engineer, call us on 01952300008 and we'll be happy to help.

why is my boiler on when the timer is off?

So, why is my boiler on when the timer is turned off?

Have you checked the valves?

Many valves, including motorised valves, water valves, and check valves, are found in boilers. Each valve serves a distinct purpose, for example, water valves control the flow of hot water in your heating system by opening and closing, causing them to become stuck or broken since they are constantly working throughout the day. Even if your timer is switched off, hot water will continue to flow through your boilers, causing your boiler to stay on.

Has the thermostat malfunctioned?

Many heating systems have the ability to detect when the water temperature has dropped below a predetermined level. If it senses a higher-than-set water temperature, it will automatically the heating in your home off. If your programmer has malfunctioned, it will keep your boiler running long after the desired temperature has been reached. To test if this works, try decreasing and then boosting the temperature on your thermostat.

Are you experiencing any wiring issues?

Because of a wiring fault, your boiler may turn on after the timer has been switched off. Try switching the circuit breaker off to completely turn off the power to the boiler to see if this is the case. Testing your home's wiring is risky, so proceed cautiously or contact a certified engineer to test it for you.

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